SCANBALL launches the iPad© application for all the football staffs :


Download the iPad application and register on

Price: 19,99 €

Unlimited match captures to help you get used to the scanFoot application.



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SCANFOOT is a football statistics tool known as the faster, the more cost effective and the easiest to use of the market. Indeed, it does not require any expensive equipment and allows entering the whole actions and game sequences (neither film camera, nor additional cabling system are needed). Besides, only one operator can enter the data for the whole actions of the game, whether it be in the gallery or watch the match on TV. The data entered by the operator through SCANBALL software enables to count and record all the ball interactions with the 22 players. Moreover, this information is immediately available, without any use of sophisticated calculation tools. The SCANBALL Company has been created by Michel Ebé (technical executive of the FFF (French Football Federation), second degree state graduate), and go on developing SCANFOOT software and commercializing the produced statistics since 1993.